Welcome to Sacred Ground Productions, LLC!


Dr. Cynthia V. Stephens, Founder and Executive Producer
Sacred Ground Productions LLC

Cynthia Stephens is native New Yorker who was born in East Harlem and lived in each of the five boroughs by the age of seventeen.   Her earliest artistic appetite was for dance and she became a professional dancer who traveled the country by the age of seventeen performing with African Dance companies such as Egbe Obirin Nigerian Dance Co., Louines Louines Haitian Dance Co., and Godfry Sakifio Ghanaian Dance Company.  Fueled by watching her mother, Julie, a fledgling actress, she also developed a passion for acting and as a preteen was accepted at the Cherry Street Theatre Company.  Later she began performing with The Karma Living Workshop, a Brooklyn based Theatre and Poetry Company.   These early moorings gave rise to a vision and thirst for theatre and dance, which became inextricably intertwined.

In 1994, after earning a doctorate in Deafness Rehabilitation at an exchange program between New York University and the University of London, Dr. Stephens founded The Hear Me Now Project Inc., a cultural program for deaf, minority children.  This experience gave rise to the creation of a free summer arts program for economically disadvantaged children with and without disabilities.  An important component of the summer program was that professional artists, based in New York City, came out to teach and perform with students.  In order to raise funds for these programs, Dr. Stephens sought material for the children to perform.  However, she found that there was a dearth of suitable material which reflected children of color in a positive manner and began to write plays for the children.  Indeed, this became the mother of invention because professional artists implored Dr. Stephens to expand the stories for professional production.     

 In 2007, Dr. Stephens founded Sacred Ground Productions LLC (SGPs) an arts agency which is an arena dedicated to creating a forum for people of African descent to tell their own stories from their own perspectives.  Dr. Stephens collaborates with other agencies and leads workshops and performances in African dance, storytelling and using the arts to promote literacy.

Dr. Stephens has written plays for children of all ages, including The Story of How Jazz Was Born, The New Kid on the Block, The Princess and the Golden Yam and Get On Board Little Children.  Recent plays for adult audiences include Nineteen Secrets and Painted Red. These plays were designed to teach, inspire, entertain and educate audiences about the indomitable spirit of man.