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Painted Red was held at Shetler Studio 54 on April 17th - 27th, 2014.

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Nineteen Secrets
"One woman exposes a nation divided and the hearts that guard it."
When Boston socialites Amelia and Frederick Wendell invite an aged and poverty stricken Harriet Tubman to their home, a controversy is ignited.  Although Amelia is an overzealous abolitionist, Frederick prefers to practice his brand of humanitarianism from afar, secretly doubting whether an apparently dim-witted Tubman could have accomplished the Herculean feats attributed to her.  Despite his skepticism, Frederick wishes to appease his much younger, beautiful wife by agreeing to publish an account of Tubman’s life in an effort to assist her financially.  As Tubman’s life unfurls within the confines of their parlor, Amelia and Frederick witness the world through her eyes.  Frederick examines his inextricably intertwined feelings of superiority and philanthropy, while Amelia learns that there is more to the life of a socialite than boasting about a successful dinner party where one has entertained the superstar of the moment.  Music from the Negro Spiritual genre underscores the sorrow and hopefulness of this compelling drama and gives succor to an emotionally confused couple as they learn the secrets of a truly meaningful life.

The Princess and The Golden Yam

The Princess and the Golden Yam is a musical fairy tale which chronicles the journey of an immature, motherless Princess Amaliya.  Uninformed about her dangerous history, Amaliya disappoints her father when she defies age old taboos in the name of fun.   In response, her father sets into motion the rituals which will finally transform the princess into a proper woman. However, instead of following her father’s instructions, Amaliya follows the advice of a jealous friend and finds herself in the hands of her enemies. Amaliya realizes that she has been betrayed but is powerless to help herself.  But, the universe has a greater plan and enlists the aid of The Mother of Earth Goodness, who comes to the rescue using parables, dreams and all of the forces of nature.  The Mother of Earth Goodness teaches Amaliya that not all old rituals are useless or in contemporary language, the baby should not be discarded with the bathwater!  This is a classic tale of the triumph of good over evil for children of all ages with a new and very exciting twist that will have you jumping clean out of your seats.

Please enjoy "The Princess And The Golden Yam" Audio Track Teasers:

This Girl Of Mine

When I Am Still

I'll Teach Him, He'll Learn

I Won't Go