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Cynthia Stephens


Dr. Cynthia Stephens is a native New Yorker with a Ph.D. in Deafness Rehabilitation from NYU. Dr. Stephens, previously a professional African dancer, started a cultural program of African dance for black, deaf students and subsequently, a free summer arts program on Long Island for children with and without developmental disabilities.



Cynthia's experience led her to write original plays for the children to perform. Professional artists involved in the summer program urged her to expand her plays for professional production. To date, Dr. Stephens has written two musicals: "The Princess and the Golden Yam" a fairy tale based in West Africa, "Nineteen Secrets" about the personal life of Harriet Tubman, and her first straight play, "Painted Red" about the life of Henrietta Lacks and her family. 




After writing these plays Dr. Stephens decided to return to creating content for children, this time through books. She channeled her southern ancestors in The Days books, and focused on the lives of African-American families. The series is based on a young boy who faces many challenges and moments of growth that create the perfect coming of age story. 

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